Hand Sanitizer Gel

$5 New

Our MiniLuxe Hand Sanitizer Gel is made with sweet orange and lavender essential oils to offer a refreshing way to kill germs. The 2oz bottle is the perfect size to keep in your bag or pocket when you are on the move.

Every manicure at MiniLuxe begins with a client receiving a pump of our Hand Sanitizer to ensure maximum clean throughout the service.

Please limit order to 2 per person

SDA 3C Alcohol. Also contains, Water, glycerin, carbopol, triethanolamine, essential oils of lavender and sweet orange.

Orange Essential Oils: Naturally antibacterial, full of antioxidants

Lavender Essential Oils: Powerful antioxidant, restores skin complexion

Squeeze a small drop of gel on palms and rub in briskly until hands are dry. Use as necessary to reduce bacterial and viral contaminants.