Snowflakes – Blue

$15 New

Add a light, blue shimmer to your holiday manicure. These limited edition MiniLuxe x Nina Nailed It wraps give a flawless full nail art manicure in 10 minutes or less with no drying time. Included in the Kit: two sets of 8 varying sized wraps (16 wraps in total), a mini nail file, an orangewood stick (cuticle pusher).

Cruelty-Free & Leaping Bunny Certified
  • MiniLuxe x Nina Nailed It Nail Wraps give you a flawless full nail art manicure in 10 minutes or less.
  • Add a fun accent nail to pair with your favorite Pure Polish color.
  • No drying time necessary.
  • Size wraps to nail. Make sure to leave a slight gap between the wrap and cuticle to allow the topcoat to fully encapsulate.
  • Remove plastic backing on both sides of wrap.
  • Place the sticky side down onto your nail, fitting the rounded end to your cuticle.
  • Gently stretch wrap until it smoothly covers nail.
  • Pro tip: don’t like your placement? Carefully lift from nail and replace! Use the heat of your finger to smooth out any small bumps
  • Pull wrap around the free edge of your nail and carefully buff or pinch off excess wrap
  • Using a file, buff in a downward motion to remove any excess pieces of wrap from the free edge
  • If needed, use the flat side of an orange wood stick to smooth wrap firmly to nail plate. Be very gentle!
  • Using a cleanup brush dipped in acetone, gently dab (don’t wipe) the edges of the wrap at the cuticle area to blend the product into the nail.
  • If needed, gently wipe the free edge to remove any last bits of excess wrap.
  • Top with our Pure Shine Top Coat, covering the wrap edges fully for longest lasting results.
  • Two sets of 8 varying sized wraps (16 wraps in total)
  • A mini nail file
  • An orangewood stick (cuticle pusher)
  • Fun fact: These wraps are printed with actual nail polish!
  • A great gift for anyone on your list!
  • Pro tip: Do not use a “quick dry” (60 second) topcoat – this will cause the wrap to wrinkle!
  • After your top coat dries for 5 minutes, use our No Smudge Finisher Drying Drops on each nail for added protection and high shine.