MiniLuxe is transforming the $10 billion nail, brow, and waxing industry. Our mission is to provide more than just nail and beauty care – we exist for our customers’ “self-care.” Our philosophy of self-care is built on the belief that by expertly delivering deeply caring personal service experiences we enable our clients to be ready and able to take care of themselves and everything else in life.

MiniLuxe fulfills our philosophy by exceeding our clients’ expectation for quality, convenience, and value. Our list of industry-leading attributes is long: impeccable cleanliness and dedication to hygiene, craftsman-quality service, refreshing, healthy and comfortable spaces, above-board employment practices, and thoughtfully-integrated technology solutions, such as 24x7 online booking.

MiniLuxe currently has 11 locations in the greater Boston area and one in the Dallas area. The brand has won numerous accolades, including Best of Boston and Best of Dallas, and has nationwide growth plans.